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JOTI Challenge Questions

Here's some questions to help gather interesting facts about the people you're talking to on IRC and radio. Try to gather this information from every contact, and between us all we can gather some interesting statistics, such as most popular leader's name, camp food, and so on.

  1. Place a sticker on the world map to mark the location of the contact
  2. Create a global weather chart - place a coloured sticker on the location that represents the weather: hot, cold, raining, windy, snowing, sunny, etc.
  3. How did your country go in the Olympics / Cricket / World Cup this year?
  4. Draw the flag of the country
  5. Contact a person from each Scout and Guide Section.
  6. Patrol name?
  7. How big is your troop or pack?
  8. Favourite camp food, bonus for recipe
  9. Most recent camp or activity
  10. Leaders' names?
  11. Radio call sign?
  12. Keep a running tally of the distances between our site and each of the contacts. Can you get to 100,000 km?
  13. Have a conversation using J code or Q code.
  14. Create a message in Morse Code.
  15. Create a message in Phonetic Alphabet.
  16. What is the two letter country code used in Internet domains in your country? Australia is "au".