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Narrabeen Trivia

A range of interesting pieces of trivia about Narrabeen.

Local Government

The suburb of Narrabeen is part of both Pittwater and Warringah councils.

The border mostly runs along the northern perimeter of Narrabeen Lagoon.

Narrabeen: Lagoon or Lake

Is it Narrabeen Lakes or Narrabeen Lagoon? The Geographical Names Board officially calls it a lagoon, but many locals refer to it as Narrabeen Lakes. The original name was Lagoon, but a real estate development in the 1950s thought Narrabeen Lakes sounded far grander.

New Terrey Hills weather radar now online

Sydney has a new state-of-the-art weather radar that will help forecasters and the community see in greater detail upcoming weather -- including severe weather such as thunderstorms.

The new radar is more sensitive and uses the latest technology to provide clearer radar images at a higher resolution than previously possible. It replaces one that has been operating at Appin, south of Sydney since 1992.

The improved capability offered by this new radar will help forecasters more easily detect and track thunderstorms in the Sydney area and detect dangerous wind changes during the fire season.

The new radar animation, covering the previous half hour's weather, now consists of six images, one every six minutes where as previously it was just four images.

You can read the full Media Release at the Bureau of Meteorology Home Page. More information can be found at the Terrey Hills Radar page.

Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

Dedicated volunteers have been working hard to save Narrabeen Lagoon as the environment in the surrounding areas changes. In 2005 Warringah Council, who is responsible for the lagoon, established the Narrabeen Lagoon Restoration Project.

The Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment are raising awareness about the lagoon. To find out more about the Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment, go to www.narrabeenlagoon.org.au.

The Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment are supported by the National Parks Association. They also have a website with information on Narrabeen Lagoon, www.npansw.org.au/narrabeen.

A story in the Manly Daily on Saturday 13 October 2007 covered the work of the Friends and the plans for the restoration of the lagoon. This story is no longer available online.

Early flights at Narrabeen

George Taylor flew a glider in the first heavier-than-air flight on the continent of Australia at Narrabeen Beach on December 5, 1909.

The glider he and his wife flew in was based on the box-kite constructions invented by world aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, another New South Welshman. Taylor built a biplane from coachwood covered with oiled calico and a box-kite tail for balance.

The headland to the north of Narrabeen Beach is still a popular site for hang gliding today.

Taylor went on to form the Wireless Institute of New South Wales in 1910. This was the world's first amateur radio body. It was largely as a result of Taylor's work that the first government wireless station was set up in Sydney in 1912.

For more information on an incredible lifetime read George Taylor's biography.

There was an article in the Manly Daily on September 29 2009, but this does not appear to be available online anymore.

For some aeronautical resources and clever kite instructions have at look at the Aero Kids web pages.

Short history of Narrabeen

This page at the Holiday Oz website contains a few short historical stories about Narrabeen.

NSW Rugby League Academy

The NSWRL Coaching and Development Academy, situated within the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narrabeen, has a variety of responsibilities as part of the NSWRL structure.

The Academy conducts the NSWRL Junior Representative competitions (SG Ball Cup and Harold Matthews Cup), as well as overseeing all junior league, schoolboy football and affiliated competitions within NSW.

The Academy is also responsible for the education of coaches, first aid officers and other officials within the game's development structures and produces a range of resources to assist in this regard.

Narrabeen Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Narrabeen Lakes Chamber of Commerce is the voice of small to medium businesses in the local area.

UFO Siting in Narrabeen

Believe it or not, there is a report of a UFO siting in Narrabeen. Queue spooky music :) and head on over to www.ufoinfo.com

The Manly Daily

The Manly Daily is our local newspaper and has been serving the area for over 100 years. There is a vast collection of links to local organisations and resources on their local links page.

Warringah Library Services

The Warringah Library has it's own list of verified web links.

Sydney Academy of Sport

For 2008 and 2009 we camped at the Sydney Academy of Sport. The Academy is home to a range of sporting teams including the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles rugby leage team, athletics, and many other sports.

Narrabeen Lagoon forms the eastern boundary of the facility, and we camped close to the water on a flat grassy area.

Getting to the Academy is easy, but here are some maps. and here is the google maps.

Pirates Mini Golf

Arrr me hearties!!! Choose to play one or both of the fun and challenging 18 hole mini golf courses featuring land and water hurdles, double decker ball holes and mischievous uphill obstacles. Join Captain Redbeard at Pirates Mini Golf located at Warriewood not far from the caravan park.