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Rules for JOTI

These rules are specified by Scoutlink - the people who run the chat servers. Break the rules and they will kick you off the channel. Persistent violations could cause everyone at our whole site to be blocked. And we don't want that to happen...

Essentially the rules can be summarised as: be polite and be sensible.

  1. Rude behaviour or questionable language will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not flood the channel. Flooding is repeating the same character or word many times.
  3. Please do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS -- it is considered shouting.
  4. Remember your Guide and Scout Promise and Law. Keep it in mind while chatting.

And some general advice about chatting in IRC.

  1. Look at the list of people (called nicknames or nicks) in the channel. See how some nicks start with an @? These are the Channel Operators. Think of these people as the Leaders in Charge of the event, and treat them as you would any adult working at any Guide or Scout event you attend.
  2. Do not give out any personal information such as your full name, phone numbers, email addresses, home address or school. Your first name or nickname is ok.
  3. Although we do our best to keep non-Scout and non-Guide people out of the chat room, it is not always possible. And one thing about the Internet is that you never really know for sure who is sitting at that other computer.