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Scout Award Scheme

This page includes references to the "old" Scout Award Scheme. Many scout groups are moving to the "new" youth programme and this page will be updated to reflect both award schemes during the transition period.

There are a few proficiency badges listed below that could be done as part of JOTA and JOTI. Any of these activities could also form part of a Special Interest Area project in the new youth program in the STEM and Innovation area.

Scout Communications Badge

This is a subset of the tasks required for the Communications Badge. These are tasks that could be partly or completely done at the JOTA camp. Only one from each section needs to be completed.

Communications Badge




The Scout Radio and Electronic Services Unit has details of a suitable program for obtaining the Communications badge.

Scout Information Technology Badge

Information Technology Badge

This badge covers learning about and using computers.

You might not cover all the work on the JOTA weekend, but you could do some research about JOTA or JOTI that would contribute towards this badge.

Scout Technology Badge

Technology Badge

This badge covers aspects of technology other than computers. One of the topics for investigation is two way radio or CB. Be able to identify the main parts and have knowledge of its operation.

Amateur Radio Operator Badge

Amateur Radio Operator Badge

A member of Scouts Australia who obtains an Amateur Radio Operator's License, in accordance with Government regulations, may wear the Amateur Radio Operator Badge on the right sleeve of the uniform.

The badge is a gold diamond with a green band across the centre and is issued on the authorisation of the Branch Jamboree On The Air Coordinator.

Amateur Radio Foundation License

In 2005, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, ACMA, introduced an Amateur Radio Foundation license, targetted at a younger and less technical audience. The Foundation License is going to be the perfect license for Scouts to get started in Amateur Radio.

Scout Radio and Electronic Services Unit (Victoria)

The SRESU is a service unit of the Victorian Branch of Scouts Australia. Established to provide radio and electronics related services for Scouts, the SRESU provides health and welfare communications for large Scouting activities, helps Scouts obtain amateur radio licences by running theory classes and examinations and is responsible for co-ordination of the annual Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) in Victoria.

See the Scout Radio and Electronic Services Unit website for more information.


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