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programmable bike lamp

The Arduino Programmable Bike Lamp

The original bike lamp had three LEDs that flashed in a steady pattern. The new version has four. Oh, and it's fully programmable, with a DigiSpark processor allowing any sequence of flashing lights. The original design can be emulated, but you can also go much further with changing patterns, morse code, and more. Add in some randomness and you'll never see the same pattern twice.

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DigiSpark Arduino

The Arduino is essentially a programmable chip called a microcontroller with various inputs and outputs. The inputs can be used to read things like voltage or switches and the outputs can be used to drive external components such as LEDs or a speaker.

The chip itself is fully programmable which means you can write your own program (or "Sketch") to tell the chip what to do.

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These are photos showing the assembly of the board.