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programmable synthesiser

Arduino Programmable Synthesiser

This circuit uses the same Arduino Nano that we used in 2015.

The Arduino's analog inputs are connected to six potentiometers, which change various audio effects in the synthesiser. The digital inputs are connected to the keyboard and one digital output connects to a small amplifier which drives a speaker.

Audio affects that can be altered are:

The circuit is actually quite simple, with only a few additional components. The Arduino Nano and the amplifier are small pre-assembled boards that fit onto the main circuit board.

The simple nature of the circuit means that most of the complexity is in the software.


These are photos showing the assembly of the board.

Arduino Nano

Find out more about the Arduino Nano by looking at the information page.


The programme for the synthesiser is far more complex than any previous examples. Once the code has been finalised we'll make a copy available to download here, in case you need to reset your synthesiser.