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Garrigal and Northern Beaches District Scouts and Girl Guides NSW ACT & NT

64th Jamboree On The Air / 25th Jamboree On The Internet

Sydney Australia 15-17 October 2021

Current COVID-19 status for Scouts NSW, Guides NSW ACT & NT. and NSW Health

Chat using Scoutlink Webchat. Listen to some sick beats on JOTI Radio.

Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA-JOTI) are a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouts and Guides. It is a "travel-free" Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world. That's perfect in these COVID-19 times.

This page represents the proposed plans for Garigal District Scouts, Northern Beaches District Scouts and the local Girl Guide groups that participate in our annual JOTA/JOTI event. You should check with your local activities team to find out what's planned in your district and region.

Coming out of a 100+ day COVID lockdown, it is unlikely that we will have time to organise our usual activities and camp. However, due to the "travel-free" nature of JOTA and JOTI you can participate from the safety and comfort of your own home. All you need are an Internet connection and a computer.

Photos from previous camps can be viewed on the Photo pages. See the menus above.

JOTA at Home with Scoutlink Webchat

Our usual JOTI provider, Scoutlink, runs a web-based chat tool, very similar to the one we use at camp. No login or registration is needed. Head to webchat.scoutlink.net

Enter your nickname, connect to a channel and start a conversation. A good starting place is the English channel, but if you speak another language, or are learning one at school, you might like to try that. There are also text games such as Uno, Werewolf, Trivia and more. The Minecraft channel is for participants in the game to talk to each other.

There are some restrictions on nicknames: it needs to be one word without spaces, but it can have dashes and underscores. Offensive words will not be allowed and you will be forced to change it to something more appropriate.

These local rules and usage policy are for your own protection and to help everyone have a pleasant and enjoyable JOTI.

Do not give out any personal information, such as your full name, home address, school, email, phone number, instagram, facebook, etc.

There are several things that will get you kicked off very quickly:

so remember to be sensible and polite. Repeated misuse can cause you to be banned for the whole weekend.

Scoutlink also runs a Minecraft server for those that might like to play along. Head over to Scoutlink for some more info.

Youth JOTI Badge 2021

Once you are in the webchat, head over to the #youth channel for fun mini-activities, great conversation and a chance to earn a ScoutLink Youth digital badge! More info at Scoutlink Youth JOTI Badge 2021.

Scoutlink Under 13 Years Old Youth Access Policy

ScoutLink's privacy policy, like many online platforms, requires users of ScoutLink's services (IRC, WebChat, MineCraft etc.) to be 13 years of age or older. Any user found on ScoutLink services who is determined by an operator to be under 13 years of age and without parent permission, will be banned from the network until written parent permission has been received by ScoutLink.

For younger youth members it is suggested that a parent or adult is with them while chatting.

The Youth member's parents/guardians are to send an email to the ScoutLink Oceania Ticket System oceania@scoutlink.net (also suggest copying the youth member's Unit leader into the email) and include the following details:

The full procedure is available in the Scoutlink U13YO Access Procedure.

JOTI Radio

A live Internet radio station with music, interviews and scout/guide chatter is provided by the Avon Scouts in the UK. Schedules and an audio player are available on the JOTI Radio website.


No registration for groups or individuals is needed. There is no cost for this event.

Scout and Guide Leaders should buy badges for their scouts and guides through the usual channel, such as the Scout Shop. Cost is $2.00 each. You will need to login first before you can buy the badges.


With no camp, there's no camp photographer. To capture this year's event send in a couple of photos of you at home or with your unit participating in JOTA to glenn.satchell@nsw.scouts.com.au