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Garrigal and Northern Beaches District Scouts and Girl Guides NSW ACT & NT

63rd Jamboree On The Air / 24th Jamboree On The Internet

Sydney Australia - 17th October 2020

Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 the JOTA/JOTI camp will run as a one day event covering electronics and computers.

Latest COVID-19 status for Scouts NSW, Guides NSW ACT and NT. and NSW Health

Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouts and Guides. It is a "travel-free" Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world.

Photos from previous camps can be viewed at jota.uniq.com.au/photo.

The local JOTA website jota.uniq.com.au has lots of JOTA and JOTI related information.


The COVID-19 situation is not improving enough to allow a full JOTA camp as in past years. The number of participants attending activities are restricted by NSW Health, Guide and Scout policies.

With this in mind the constraints of the organisational policies have been considered and it is planned to run a one day event on Saturday 17 October with 3 x 3 hour sessions covering electronics and computers.

The location will be French Forest Scout Hall, 7 Utyana Pl, Frenchs Forest. This hall is centrally located within the northern beaches and has a Scouts NSW Approved COVID-19 plan. Car parking is available in Utyana Pl and the area just inside the front gate. Please do not drive right up to the hall.

Times for the sessions will be 9am to midday, 1pm to 4pm and 5pm to 8pm.

Units will be combined into mixed groups and will attend a single session.

The number of adults is limited, so spectators, parents and other adults will not be able to enter the activity areas.


Cost for the session will be $20 per youth member. This includes an electronic kit and JOTA badge.


The following activities are planned for each session:

Each 3 hour session will consist of 90 minutes for electronics and 90 minutes for computers. Only groups that have booked and paid in advance will be admitted for their session.

The computer activity will take place in the scout hall on the upper floor. Electronics will take place on the lower floor. Numbers will be restricted to 20 youth per activity. The two groups will remain separate. The internal stairway will be one-way traffic from the upper to lower floor. Participants will exit the lower floor through the doorway and move along the driveway to the upper floor.

Upon arrival the group doing electronics first will proceed directly to the lower floor entry. Those doing computers will proceed to the main entry on the upper floor. After 90 minutes the electronics group will exit the lower floor and proceed to the main entrance and wait. Those doing computers will then use the internal stairway to access the lower floor.

Cleaning of high touch areas such as computers, keyboards, tools used for electronics, chairs and tables will be done between groups.

After the session is completed all participants are asked to leave the area promptly to allow for tidying and cleaning before the next session participants arrive.

Booking and Activity Forms

Leaders, download the Booking and Activity Forms using the links on this page. Enter the information directly into the Booking document and then email it to the bookings officer. To allow group numbers to be balanced please indicate first, second and third preference for each session.

The booking sheet will be used as the contact list for the activity. The names can be adjusted on the day if necessary.

All booking sheets and money must be deposited by 30 September 2019. Small adjustments can be made to numbers after this date if required.

Please email the booking officer with the details of the deposit so that it can matched to your group.

Each group is responsible for collecting and looking after the appropriate activity permission forms. Sample activity forms will be provided, the E1 Activity Notification form for Scouts and the ADM.27 Activity Consent form for Guides. Groups using CareMonkey/Operoo may wish to use that instead. Leaders will need to add the meeting and pickup points, total cost, and any other details for your group.

Anyone that turns up on the weekend without a booking will be turned away.

JOTA at Home

Can't make it to Frenchs Forest, or want to continue when you get home? Head to webchat.scoutlink.net enter your nickname, connect to a channel and start a conversation.