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Phonetic Alphabet

A phonetic alphabet or spelling alphabet is a set of words used instead of alphabetic letters in radio communication; each word stands for its initial letter. Sometimes called IPA, NATO Phonetic Alphabet or radio alphabet.

A phonetic alphabet is often used by radio operators to clearly spell out a word or sequence of letters to enhance accurate delivery of a message. The words have been carefully chosen so that none of them sound alike.

Translate a sentence to Phonetic Alphabet

This form allows you to translate your message into the phonetic alphabet. Type the words into the text box below and select Phonetic Alphabet.

Aalfa Kkilo Uuniform 0zero .stop
Bbravo Llima Vvictor 1one ,comma
Ccharlie Mmike Wwhiskey 2two !exclaim
Ddelta Nnovember Xx-ray 3three -dash
Eecho Ooscar Yyankee 4four =equals
Ffoxtrot Ppapa Zzulu 5five +plus
Ggolf Qquebec    6six ?question
Hhotel Rromeo    7seven
Iindia Ssierra    8eight
Jjuliet Ttango    9niner

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