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The J-Code

The J-code is a simple tool that enables a very basic conversation in those cases where there is no common language between the participants. The J-code is a set of abbreviations similar to the Q-Code used by radio amateurs. It is not a code intended to hide the contents of the transmissions, quite the opposite, it is intended to enable communication. As such, it can be used over amateur radio and in Internet chat contacts.

The J-code is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Chinese (more to follow) and can be downloaded from the library at the radio-scouting web site.

JWNMy name is ........
JFCI come from .... (Country)
JHOI am ..... years old.
JWAMy address is .......
JEMOur e-mail address is .....
JWLThe language I speak is ...
1 English
2 French
3 Spanish
4 Portugese
5 Russian
6 German
7 Dutch
8 Italian
JCSI am a Cub Scout
JSCI am a Scout
JGII am a Guide
JRSI am a Rover Scout
JRGI am a Ranger Guide
JLSI am a Scout Leader
JWGI belong to the Group ....
JSWBest Scouting wishes to you
JACWe are camping
JWBThe weather here is ...
1 overcast
2 rainy
3 very heavy rain
4 snowy
5 fine

In order to ask a question just add the letter "X" to the end of the particular code, e.g.:

JWN = My name is ........ JWNX = What is your name?
JHO = I am ........ years old. JHOX = How old are you?

Imagine the following exchange between a Russian Scout in Vladivostok and his friend-to-be in Caracas, Venezuela. All words can be spelled in the international spelling alphabet:

Doswe danja, JWN Dimitri
Hola Dimitri, JWN Paco
JHJ Paco, JFC Russia, QTH Vladivostok. JWL 5
OK Dimitri, QTH Caracas y JHO 12. JHOX
JHO 14 Paco. JSC, JAC, JWB 4
Muy bien, JSC y JWB 1. JSW Dimitri.
JSW Paco.

Looks like code to you? Well, that's exactly what it is, the J-Code. Dimitri and his friend Paco would otherwise not be able to have this basic contact. Can you? Give it a try.