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Radios at Narrabeen

The Manly-Warringah Radio Society supplies friendly operators and equipment to run the radios at our camp. The equipment belongs to the operators and we are generously allowed to use it.

We will be using the callsign VK2SNR.

Local Activities

This year we are running a number of radios and an Echolink station connected to the JOTA-E(nglish) Echolink conference.

Echolink is used to talk via radio and Internet links nationally and around the world to other JOTA stations.

Build a radio station that can communicate on the 144MHz band. Start by erecting the antenna, connecting the various cables into the radio, and then operate the radio.

Play the game Battleships via radio. This is a great activity that emphasises the importance of clear communication and learning the phonetic alphabet.

Other modes of communicating via radio will be available depending on time and conditions. Examples such as using FM voice repeaters, High Frequency (HF), Single side band (SSB), and slow scan Television (SST).


Some of the antennas you may see are a TH3jr Yagi directional antenna mounted on a mast. This is for the 10, 15, and 20 meter HF Amateur bands. It looks similar to a very large TV antenna.

TH3jr Yagi

This is a dual-band 80 and 40 meter dipole, typically strung east-west between two towers. For the 80m band the dipole has a total length of approximately 80 metres, so it is quite a large device.


JOTA Frequencies

Several amateur radio bands have designated frequencies where Scout stations can meet. Of course, the whole authorized band can be used for Scout contacts, howver, to easily find Scout stations, listen in on the following Scout frequencies.

These are the official Scout Calling frequencies. See the SRESU site.

World Scout Calling Frequencies Austalianm Scout Calling Frequencies
Band SSB Phone (MHz) CW Morse (MHz) SSB Phone (MHz) CW Morse (MHz)
80m 3.690 3.570 3.650 3.570
40m 7.090/7.190 7.030 7.090 7.030
20m 14.290 14.060 14.190 14.060
17m 18.140 18.080
15m 21.360 21.140 21.190 21.140
12m 24.960 24.910
10m 28.390 28.180 28.590 28.180
6m 50.160 50.160 52.160 50.160